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Thoughts from our subscribers

  • John Macmillan, Partner at Phillips & Wilkins Solicitors & Consultants, Thornbury VIC:

    “We thoroughly endorse Mentor. Nearly as good as having an expert in the next door office.”

  • Claudette De Silva, Licensed Conveyancer at The Salvation Army - Legal Department, Sydney NSW:

    “I am a Licensed Conveyancer and I have used the Mentor Service since October 2013 and I still use it at least once or twice a month. On all occasions the Mentor Service has been professional, highly efficient, prompt with replies to emails and in good detail. Having used them for so many years and having experienced excellent service, I would highly recommend the 'Ask a Question - Mentor by Lawyers' to anyone looking for further information or who has any type of conveyancing questions. Thank you for creating such a great service."

  • Leonie Jarrett, Solicitor and Principal at First Class Legal, Frankston VIC:

    “I use Mentor on a regular basis and encourage my staff to do the same. We then share the responses internally as a form of staff training. Usually, Mentor is a “sounding board” or second opinion but, sometimes, we use it for a tricky question where we do not know the answer and need some quick help. Invariably, the responses are helpful.”

  • Mark Ryan, Legal GP, Wharparilla VIC:

    “As a sole practitioner with a general practice, Mentor provides me with the knowledge, experience and confidence to accept clients from all areas of practice. It's like having a partner in every area of practice except I get answers much quicker: usually same day. I highly recommend it to any practitioner.”

  • Steve Ross, Principal at Sapphire Mediated Resolutions
    'The Mentor service has been invaluable to me. Whatever the area of law or the nature of my question the replies have been prompt, pithy and courteous. My legal practice and the service I provide my clients is significantly enhanced as consequence of my use of the Mentor service.'